BMW True ID4 to ID6 flash upgrade Carplay Fullscreen
  • BMW True ID4 to ID6 flash upgrade Carplay Fullscreen

BMW True ID4 to ID6 flash upgrade Carplay Fullscreen


BMW NBTEvo True iDrive 4 to iDrive 6 Update + Apple CarPlay Fullscreen

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Did you hear about ID4 to ID6 upgrades? All current market solutions have the downside of not allowing using BMW maps or new firmware as you are stuck with 2018 (N) firmware with all the associated bugs. We can offer you the upgrade to the latest 2023 firmware, use full BMW navigation and fullscreen Apple Carplay without ANY compromise or reboots. We are also offering free lifetime reactivation after dealer updates. This means we cover all the risks!
Firmware Upgrade id4 to id6 or from id5/6 to newer 2023 version - Apple Carplay fullscreen
 BMW NBT Evo Flash / Coding Package
Upgrade to new ID6 UI / Apple Carplay full screen
Possible to use BMW/Mini Maps
This is not the classic upgrade that everyone is doing, but a new custom solution to fix all the previous downsides of ID6 upgrade
This firmware will allow your unit to enable Wireless Apple Carplay in Fullscreen. Many cars have old version of NBT Evo firmware that do not allow fullscreen Carplay. This update will fix it for you.
None of the functions of the car will be affected.
After purchase is complete, you will be emailed with the software and data to accomplish the Flash.

Our coding expert will connect to your laptop remotely over the Internet to perform the flash.

Simply plug in the BMW ENET CABLE and our Coding Expert will do the rest. The Process takes roughly 60 minutes from start to finish.

You will retain all features including Connected Drive Services, Remote Services, Sirius XM etc.

We have completed this flash for over 1000 vehicles worldwide with NO issues.
If you have any 2015+ BMW, please send a message to confirm your options.
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